Modern Wedding Order of Service stationery that’s picture perfect

It’s the most important day of your life, so why skimp on the design and printing of your Wedding Order of Service stationery? That’s why Solopress customers Chris and Pip from Gloucestershire decided to tie the knot with a stylish and fun bespoke printed booklet for their Big Day.

“I just wanted to thank Solopress for making the whole process of printing the Orders of Service for our wedding so easy and painless,” says Chris. “I was also impressed with how responsive you were to even such a small personal order as ours.”

Getting Hitched Despite A Hitch

“Unhelpfully I held up the process by overlooking a drafted e-mail in my ‘sent folder’! But your excellent sales team (Liz Leslie and her colleagues) were able to turnaround a job in less than 24 hours to ensure that the finished product was in hand by 11am the next day. I was also fully informed of the delivery details. Excellent stuff. Would recommend Solopress again and again.”

Wedding order of service booklet printed by Solopress

“A perfect wedding in which Solopress played their part wonderfully.”
Chris and Pip, Gloucestershire

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11 Responses to Modern Wedding Order of Service stationery that’s picture perfect

  1. Kirk Bevins says:

    Although I don’t intend to get married in the near future, if/when I do I’ll be sure to remember solopress as somewhere to look to enhance the wedding experience.

  2. sam cornford says:

    I wish I had seen you guys when I got married, we had some cards printed and they got a spelling wrong. Blythe time they came it was to late to change :(

    • Rik Haynes says:

      Sorry to hear that Sam. Hope the rest of your day went to plan!

  3. Beth Gurney says:

    Wow I’m impressed with your wedding stationary example above. So cute, and wonderfully personalised. It’s good to read about the reliable service too – that’s invaluable these days, especially with something as important and emotional like a wedding.

    I’ll remember to recommend to my friends getting hitched!

  4. Kelly-ann Murray says:

    What a fun and amazing way to celebrate your special day, and what a great service helping them with the unintentional mistake. well done to you, and congratulations the the happy couple.

  5. Judith Luscombe says:

    It is very important in order for a Wedding Day to go well for everyone to know precisely what they are doing and saying, so Wedding Order of service stationery is essential.

  6. Charlotte Harvey says:

    lovely article :) always useful to knowabout wedding stuff

  7. Amy Cartwright says:

    Genius! I would never have thought to go to a business like Solopress for my Order of Service and other wedding stationary. Plus I’m quite sure Solopress would offer better service and pricing than some of the ‘high street’ names offering wedding stationary out there. I made my own stationary for my wedding on the advice of my family – and it was a massive regret. Unless you love spending hours printing, cutting and sticking (and have an artistic flair!) then I would leave it to the professionals. It didn’t save me any money in the long run, and it sure didn’t look as good as the one above in this article!!

  8. jodie harvey says:

    lovely article, love reading about weddings! x

  9. Heather says:

    It is always nice to hear how a company can look after its smaller customers, it means you will get a good service, no matter the amount of the job. I would definitely be passing your details on to my colleague who is due to be married next year.

  10. Andrew Acford says:

    This is a great way to add a little something extra to a wedding day!

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