Bubblelicious Tea (www.bubblelicioustea.com) are introducing UK consumers to the delights of Bubble Tea, a popular Asian milk or fruit drink with small chewy tapioca balls that was originally invented by Taiwanese tea shops in the 1980s.

Solopress designed and printed these 130gsm Gloss A5 Leaflets for Bubblelicious Tea

Bubblelicious Tea leaflets gloss A5 front

Bubblelicious Tea leaflets gloss A5 back

Solopress designed and printed these 130gsm Gloss Posters for Bubblelicious Tea

Bubblelicious Tea poster gloss

Solopress designed and printed these Roller Banners for Bubblelicious Tea

Bubblelicious Tea roller banner

Customer Testimonial

What Bubblelicious Tea say about the design and printing service at Solopress:

“Very satisfied and impressed. The artwork was fabulous and great quality and really made us look professional. Thanks a lot!”

Free Sample Pack

Solopress print a range of leaflets, posters, roller banners and lots more. Our free sample pack is available to order now using this online form or by calling us on 01702 460047.

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Author: Rik Haynes

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  1. I’ve always had an interest in graphic design, so I was happy to stumble upon the page of Rik Hayne on here :) (tutorials). I especially love the gloss posters, because they are so fruity and inviting and how the use of different fonts in the roller banners tells us all different components of the story. Fun to read about the origins of my favourite summer drink’s name as well btw

  2. I tried bubble tea in the west end but didn’t like it but think i went to a pretty rubbish place. Would be interested in trying it again

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