Coca-Cola created a billboard poster made entirely of wrapping paper last week, allowing Belgium shoppers to tear off a piece to wrap their Christmas presents…

Coca-Cola wrapping paper poster

Image Source: Duval Guillaume Modem

The Coca-Cola Company has tried another clever advertising stunt designed to give consumers a fresh look at the festive season AND the world’s best known brand of fizzy soft drink.

This time they equipped Belgium’s largest shopping malls with special billboard posters made of Coca-Cola wrapping paper, and then encouraged people to peel off as much ‘Open Happiness’ paper as they wanted to use on their own Christmas gift wrapping.

The YouTube video below shows some of the results of their unusual experiential marketing experiment:

Thinking The Box Outside

Coca-Cola partnered with advertising agencies Duval Guillaume Modem and Clear Channel to create this outdoor billboard poster and wrapping paper combo – using Coke’s iconic red and white colouring and swirl design.

“As the brand that stands for ‘Open Happiness’, Coca-Cola believes there’s no better time to open happiness than with Christmas,” remark Duval Guillaume Modem on their blog. “The iconic line ‘open happiness’ is printed on this specially crafted wrapping paper, because nothing says it more like a present waiting to be opened.”

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Author: Rik Haynes

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  1. What a fantastic way to engage the public within their advertising campaign. Although I’m not happy with the soft drinks company at this current moment in time because of their sponsoring of Sochi Olympics (which don’t cater for LGBT people) I do always wonder if Coca-Cola have discovered some kind of imagination fuel exhaust they’re the only major company in the world who do actively try to involve members of the public! :)

  2. Amazing! Companies are having to come up with such innovative ideas in media and things like this to stand out from the big big crowded market they are in. It’s great for us consumers to see what companies will up with next and to enjoy the campaigns!

  3. Aww, that’s a really fun idea. Although knowing my luck I would try and tear a piece off and tear it right up the middle or something stupid. :P

  4. I think this is a great idea! Very clever! :) The video clip is interesting. I wish they would do something like this in the UK!

  5. Fabulous idea and I for one would have certainly taken advantage of it had it been in the UK. #HolidaysAreComing

  6. This would be ideal for my husband or son when they are out shopping. They tend to purchase things that they can get gift wrapped in store (which is great when they end up at expensive jewellery or perfume counters). Was there a supply of tape with the paper?

  7. I don’t really think the coke-cola company needs to do anything to raise brand awareness. As I work for a major supermarket I know too well that coke outsells it’s nearest rival by 4 to 1. Raise brand awareness NO, keeping it the public eye YES.

  8. I think it is great promotion for Coca Cola as well as a way for people to have an uniquely wrapped presents.
    Personally would love to get a gift wrapped in Coca Cola poster ;)

  9. I love this interactive way of Advertising! You will remember the brand as the gift that keeps on giving and it will become a talking point – exactly their aim. Excellent!

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