Miller Genuine Draft launches innovative beer cooler box into UK stores…

Having a refreshing, ice cold bottle of beer just got even easier this summer, thanks to Miller Brewing Company and the cardboard specialists at CRP Print & Packaging. Their ingenious new waterproof pack for Miller Genuine Draft can also hold ice when you open it up, thereby becoming an impromptu cooler box to chill the 18 bottles of beer before drinking.

Miller Genuine Draft cooler box packaging

“The development of this innovative pack, which uses specialised water resistant papers, required an extended product development phase including technical and design expertise,” explains Matthew Watts, sales manager at CRP Print & Packaging. “The inside of the pack has a laminated waterproof barrier and is externally litho printed with an aqueous varnish. One of the key challenges to overcome in designing this pack was to ensure the pack could be 100% recyclable.”

Miller Genuine Draft cooler box pack close up

CRP Print & Packaging previously created drinks packaging for the likes of Bud Light, Carlsberg, Coke and Schweppes.

Miller Genuine Draft beer bottles and ice photo

It’s Miller Time

Get in the ice-cold Miller Time mood with this YouTube advert for Miller Genuine Draft featuring American rapper Macklemore:

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Please remember to Drink Responsibly.

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