Election Leaflets: 7 Best Design Examples

It’s election time again! But which election leaflets from recent times get our vote for being the best designed? Politics spark heated debates at the drop of a hat, so before we start our latest graphic design showcase, it’s probably … Continue reading

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Graphic Design: Superheroes Reimagined!

Superheroes Reimagined – from Guitar Superheroes, to Supermanatees and Mr. Hulking, we’ve gathered the craziest alternate superhero creations from around the interwebs, just for you!    Let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments!   Mr.Men Superheroes … Continue reading

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Students Accuse TurnItIn.com of Breaking Their Rights

Turnitin.com accused of breaking students’ rights and accessing their essays.    What is Turnitin.com? Turnitin.com is a website used by teachers and students to check for plagiarism.   What’s wrong with it? 1. Some students claim that Turnitin broke copyright … Continue reading

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Funny Friday: Sleepy Hollowpoint

Welcome to the United States of Ammunition! Image Source: imgur Our Funny Friday blog is packed with spelling mistakes, typos and other fun stuff from around the world…

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32 Memorable Pop Culture Characters Go Minimalist

The Instagram page of Hey, a design studio in Barcelona, features a new minimalist illustration of famous pop culture characters every day. Can you guess who is who among these cute drawings of iconic movie, TV, music, comic and video … Continue reading

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The Design Deck: Graphic Design Playing Cards

A pack of playing cards and a graphic design textbook all rolled into one, The Design Deck is a fun way to learn about Graphic Design… Latest brainchild of Ben Barrett-Forrest, creator of The History of Typography animated documentary short … Continue reading

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Fast Food Turf War Stickers Printed By Solopress

Find out why photographer and artist Tim Constable in Bristol prints his Fast Food Turf War stickers at Solopress… Photography is not my day job, but my current inspirations are street art and ‘life in miniature’ by people like Slinkachu. … Continue reading

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Font of the Day: Comic Neue

Comic Sans is dead, long live Comic Neue! Loathed by many designers, the Comic Sans typeface has finally received some loving care and attention from the Far East. Craig Rozynski, an Australian graphic designer based in Japan, has attempted to … Continue reading

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Who Would Be The Perfect Mascot For Red Bull?

He’s constantly jumping around. He races around in karts. And he’s also been a sporting star many times at both the summer and winter Olympic Games. Yes, Nintendo’s plucky plumber Mario would be the perfect mascot for energy drinks firm … Continue reading

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5 Banned And Brilliant Posters

The following posters span from the most controversial to the most successful posters of all time. Take from them a lesson well learnt.   1. Pussy Receiving a total of 156 individual complaints, an aptly named energy drink pushed the … Continue reading

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