Our Top 5 round-up of today’s cool stuff for graphic designers includes the controversial new Superman logo and Red Bull’s collective art project opening in London this weekend. Please join my Google+ circle at http://gplus.to/RikHaynes for lots more print design inspiration, tips, news and discussion!


London hosts the Adobe and Red Bull Collective Art exhibition this weekend (5th to 7th June).

Red Bull and Adobe Collective Art exhibition in London

via Creative Bloq


Paper engineer Helen Friel’s humorous take on vending machines.

One Way papercraft ticket vending machine

via Digital Arts


How do you design through an economic downturn? Successful studios reveal their secrets.

Design Studio tips during a recession

via Computer Arts


Warner Bros. and DC Comics unveil new Man of Steel logo. But graphic designers question the use of the Kryptonite crystal between the 7 and the 5 on Superman. What do YOU think?

Superman new Man of Steel logo

via Hollywood Reporter


The films of Wes Anderson poster.

Wes Anderson movies poster

via Designspiration

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  1. I suppose when a new film comes out that’s iconic as Superman they will always want to update the look. Personally not a fan of the new S logo – it’ll mean I’ll have to change my super t-shirt now too :)

  2. I don’t really like the new Superman logo but understand the use of Kryptonite between the numbers. However, as Aj commented, what is going on with the ‘S’?! That curve does make the ‘S’ resemble the Shrek movie logo!
    I do like the Films of Wes Anderson poster though.

  3. I’m not sure about the new Superman logo. For those of us who’ve grown up with Superman since the 1950s, the nostalgic, old-fashioned look is part of the charm. I suppose they want to bring in younger fans, but I hope for their sake this doesn’t lose them their old faithful fans.

  4. It’s simple and clean looking but I’m not keen on the style of the numbering. The crystal makes the 5 just look odd.

  5. Superman has been through many changes since its inception, so it is only natural that a new logo has been created with the latest film due for release. I don’t think it takes anything away from what fans have come to love and admire about Superman. I think it works, Kryptonite and all :-)!!

  6. I like the reinvention really. New film, new era for Superman! They haven’t strayed too far either from the original.

  7. I think the new logo is cool and as Kryptonite is a major part of the Superman story it’s only fitting that it is included

  8. i don’t like it, they could have done something far more colourful
    and exciting with or without the Kryptonite ….

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