Can’t think of a fun username when you sign up for a Gmail or World of Warcraft account? Simply use this cheat sheet to instantly create a great villain name for yourself.

Looks like I’ll be The Bloody Devil. Sounds about right.

How to create your villain name checklist

Image Source: ZOO Magazine on Facebook

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Author: Rik Haynes

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  1. The Poison Knight… Wheres the sense in that, poison is said to be a womans weapon or for cowards, contradictory with the knight name… don’t like it!

  2. I got The Ghostly Lord – which I’m quite pleased with really. Could certainly be a decent bad guy with that name!

  3. The Bloody Master – Well I’ve been saying it for years and now I have written proof, I am the bloody master of this house! lol

  4. The black tarantula sounds awesome. That’s the perfect villain name for me because I have a venomous bite!!! Oh and hairy legs.

  5. The Evil Mastermind. Yeah I know it’s pretty common and generic but it still has the evil genius effect to it. An evil laugh must follow this name…Muwahahaaaaaaa

  6. ive just done mine and it came out CAPTAIN LORD doesnt really sound like a villiainous name to me lol :) my hubbies was the dangerous lord..

  7. The Brutal Werewolf with my married name – but the Brutal Criminal with my maiden name… yeah.. I think I prefer the married name lol :)

  8. Looks as though mine will be ‘The Evil Child’ which is quite as a do have a little bit of a dark side and can be somewhat immature sometimes!

  9. I’m “The Bloody Slayer” and my other half is “The Dark Slayer”. I think we would make a great pair of serial killers with those names.

  10. The Brutal Child… I suppose it shows that the most base elements of ourselves comes from the most simplistic parts… or some other psychobabble!

  11. I would be “The Vile Creature”. Well, I am human, so that’s understandable. Can you tell I’m a misanthope? Lol.

  12. The Evil Werewolf! Cool! Werewolves are nasty yet cool! The transformation is awesome! A villain that would tear you hearts out!

  13. Doctor Freak – I actually think that it kind of suits me! This made me smile a lot, its lovely to have a Friday funny to make us all smile.

  14. I’m the vile shadow, I’m not too sure if I like that one although it may scare people off trashing my camp in clash of clans?

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