In an attempt to halt label pickers, Toohey’s Beer from Australia uses a different tactic than most. As much as we love this image we recommend not lying about catching a huge tuna with your hands, instead opt for something more believable; like your beer bottle giving you advice on how to deal with awkward situations.

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Author: Aron Priest

I have been in the print trade since 1988 and started my first printing company in 1999. Solopress went from just a few employees in the first year up to over 150 staff at present. I am fully trained in every department of my company and love coming to work. Check out my Google+ page at to find out more.


  1. Its strange as I’m a notorious table litterer, but I usually am not short of something to say!… Does that count as multi-tasking?

  2. Haha awesome. I’m usually guilty of littering the table with “label confetti” when I go to the pub but only because I’m an incurable fiddler!

  3. I love this…although I do think we need to start worrying when beer bottles start giving advice, especially after a few. As a general rule ignore any advice related to table top dancing or the breaking of bucking bronco records.

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