Our Top 5 round-up of this week’s cool stuff for graphic designers includes some geek chic Darth Vader graffiti and famous London landmarks modelled in exquisite papercraft form. Please join the Google+ circle at http://gplus.to/RikHaynes for lots more design news and tips… every day!

1. Creative Bloq showcase | 25 top examples of letterpress business cards

See what’s still possible today using one of the oldest forms of printing…

Letterpress printed business card

2. Creative Bloq showcase | London landmarks reinvented as 3D greeting cards

You’ve never experienced Big Ben like this before…

London Big Ben in 3D papercraft form

3. Creative Bloq showcase | Superheroes reimagined in postcard portraits

These superhero postcards are just so cute, you’ll instantly fall in love with them…

Cute superhero postcards

4. Design Taxi showcase | Geeky, humorous street art of ‘Star Wars’ characters & superheroes

The Fresco is strong with these clever graffiti artists…

Darth Vader skater street art

5. Design Week news | Pepsi to roll out new packaging and graphics

Pepsi just welcomed its first design makeover in over 15 years, what do you think of it?

Pepsi new logo and bottle packaging

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