Our Top 5 round-up of this week’s cool stuff for graphic designers includes PANTONE colour coded stairs and the new collective artwork project from Adobe and Red Bull. Please join the Google+ circle at http://gplus.to/RikHaynes for lots more design news and tips… every day!

1. Apartment 34 showcase | PANTONE colour coded stairs!

PANTONE stairs in Solopress design blog

“Stairs are a difficult and oft-neglected part of a home…”

2. Creative Bloq news | Adobe & Red Bull want your help creating world’s biggest artwork

Adobe and Red Bull collective artwork project

“Adobe and Red Bull announce an exciting new collective project that will make art history…”

3. Creative Bloq showcase | Tim Easley’s typographic business cards

Typographic business cards in Solopress design blog

“Designer and illustrator Tim Easley has produced these beautifully designed business cards that showcase his typographic talent…”

4. Designspiration showcase | Make Shift magazine cover

Make Shift magazine cover in Solopress design blog

5. graphics.com news | Topaz B&W effects Adobe Photoshop plugin updated

Topaz black and white Photoshop plugin image

“The plugin adds to its abilities to create detailed and stylised black-and-white image enhancements, as well as historically-accurate looks…”

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