Funny Friday: What’s Your Villain Name?

Can’t think of a fun username when you sign up for a Gmail or World of Warcraft account? Simply use this cheat sheet to instantly create a great villain name for yourself.

Looks like I’ll be The Bloody Devil. Sounds about right.

How to create your villain name checklist

Image Source: ZOO Magazine on Facebook

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43 Responses to Funny Friday: What’s Your Villain Name?

  1. meg welsh says:

    The Evil Robot,yeeehaaaa allwas wanted a nickname other than Nellie the Elephant!

  2. Asa Garnett says:

    The evil ninja loving the name may get it legally changed

  3. Cristina says:

    The Big Lord doesn’t sound particularly threatening, just sizeist or possibly even blasphemous!

  4. lisa anderson says:

    I’m the vile shadow, I’m not too sure if I like that one although it may scare people off trashing my camp in clash of clans?

  5. Claire Eadie says:

    Mine’s The Big Mastermind! Not very apt for me I’m afraid :P

  6. J.Gallant says:

    I am the Brutal Ninja :-) I sound like I should be in Kick Ass 2

  7. Peter Hopkins says:

    Wow if I was a villian my name would be THE POISON DEVIL.

  8. Dawn Giles says:

    i’m The Dangerous Ninja, not bad for a villian name if i do say so myself !!

  9. Caroline Clarke says:

    My villain name would be The Big Tarantula. What an awful name!

  10. Hannah says:

    Doctor Freak – I actually think that it kind of suits me! This made me smile a lot, its lovely to have a Friday funny to make us all smile.

  11. Bethan Symes says:

    The Mad Werewolf, I expected cooler, this sounds kinda lame xD

  12. Ace Anthony Somosot says:

    The Evil Werewolf! Cool! Werewolves are nasty yet cool! The transformation is awesome! A villain that would tear you hearts out!

  13. Larelle Read says:

    I would be “The Vile Creature”. Well, I am human, so that’s understandable. Can you tell I’m a misanthope? Lol.

  14. I am professor ninja. Not too scarey. I was hoping for the atomic werewolf but I would have to change my name to Xavier Scar before I could change to my preferred villain name :-p

  15. G Hardy says:

    Professor Devil……not sure if I sound like a villain or a really bad rap artist!

  16. John Naylor says:

    The Brutal Child… I suppose it shows that the most base elements of ourselves comes from the most simplistic parts… or some other psychobabble!

  17. Rhydian P says:

    I’m “The Bloody Slayer” and my other half is “The Dark Slayer”. I think we would make a great pair of serial killers with those names.

  18. Lani Nash says:

    Looks as though mine will be ‘The Evil Child’ which is quite as a do have a little bit of a dark side and can be somewhat immature sometimes!

  19. Adele Hill says:

    The evil devil seems a bit obvious to me

  20. Adele Hill says:

    The evil devil seems a bit obvious to me, but if i use my maiden name its the evil child

  21. Jenny Smurthwaite says:

    The Brutal Werewolf with my married name – but the Brutal Criminal with my maiden name… yeah.. I think I prefer the married name lol :)

  22. emily mayo says:

    ive just done mine and it came out CAPTAIN LORD doesnt really sound like a villiainous name to me lol :) my hubbies was the dangerous lord..

  23. Jonathan Day says:

    My villain name is The Brutal Skull. Sounds brilliant!! Love these generators. Truly evil!

  24. Mohammad Ashraful Anam says:

    The Evil Mastermind. Yeah I know it’s pretty common and generic but it still has the evil genius effect to it. An evil laugh must follow this name…Muwahahaaaaaaa

  25. melody sykes says:

    The Dark Werewolf – hmmm…good for the days when I haven’t shaved my legs I guess! :-)

  26. Michael Clarke says:

    My villain would have to be The atomic beast cos I

  27. Val Swift says:

    My villain name would be the invisible Werewolf – cool how dangerous would I be!

  28. natalja p. says:

    The Mad Corpse. How does it sound? The perfect villiant!

  29. Laura A says:

    I’m the vile shadow. I’m sure I could think of a nicer name though

  30. C Hui says:

    Based on that, my villain name would be The Big Devil, I actually like the sound of that one!

  31. Wasim chaudhary says:

    The black tarantula sounds awesome. That’s the perfect villain name for me because I have a venomous bite!!! Oh and hairy legs.

  32. Rochelle Lear says:

    The Bloody Master – Well I’ve been saying it for years and now I have written proof, I am the bloody master of this house! lol

  33. Fiona Matters says:

    I got The Ghostly Lord – which I’m quite pleased with really. Could certainly be a decent bad guy with that name!

  34. Alexander Bowring says:

    So my name is “The Evil Knight”, I don’t think there is a more generic villan name out there.

  35. lili says:

    my one is the vile wizard… charming!

  36. lili says:

    my one is the vile wizard… apparently i am now a man. and a little gross. charming!

  37. kim neville says:

    The unstoppable sounds perfect for me. Watch out everyone here I come or else ;-)

  38. Chris Kaye says:

    The Big Criminal…… My mother would be proud haha

  39. Pete Belcher says:

    The Poison Knight… Wheres the sense in that, poison is said to be a womans weapon or for cowards, contradictory with the knight name… don’t like it!

  40. siggy po says:

    ooh im The Dark Slayer :) love that name very cute

  41. I got ‘The Dangerous Lord’ sounding pretty cool! lol

  42. anne baxter says:

    I am The Evil Knight. I assume females can also be knight or should that be knightesses?

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