Funny Friday: Gnome Beer

Proving that beer gnomes are far cuter than the garden variety, this exquisite Norsk OL gnome beer packaging was designed by Ryanna Christianson, a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

gnome beer bottles

gnome beer bottle packaging

Images Source: Packaging of the World

Meanwhile, there’s gnome business like show business. Have a chuckle at Ikea’s brilliant gnome-ocide TV advert:

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4 Responses to Funny Friday: Gnome Beer

  1. Sue Obrien says:

    These are great! I would love to know if you can actually buy these! They would be great to recycle as gnomes for the garden when you have drunk them!

  2. Raj Sandhu says:

    Haha! these are great and would be perfect for a garden party!

  3. catherine corr says:

    the gnome beer is FAB so + the new ikea ad is the best one around!X

  4. Linda Bird says:

    Lol these are great!

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