5 Best FREE Alternatives To Photoshop video tutorial

It’s here, Adobe Creative Cloud; so what choices do you have?

5 FREE Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud

In the wake of the new Adobe Creative Cloud, people everywhere are faced with the decision of paying a monthly fee to upgrade to a newer version of Photoshop or face the alternatives.

Don’t panic! We’ve took the best of our top 5 FREE Photoshop alternatives and summed it up in less that 2 minutes to help you decide what you want to do.

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Video Transcript

Alternative Photoshop Programs

With the new Adobe Online Creative Cloud, there has been a lot of controversy over the new program. One of the main changes to Adobe is ‘No more disks’, that you will have to download the entire program from the Adobe store.

Another new change is that there is a new monthly subscription of £46.88 a month; for the entire Creative Cloud suite. However you can download and purchase a single adobe program for £17.58 a month.

So what does everyone think about the new Adobe Subscription?

Has Adobe’s bold move helped stop software piracy and cut costs of selling boxed products? This means that will be no more Creative Suite 7 and that any updates will be available to download.

In the action of Adobe’s new move, we have gone out to find 5 free alternatives to Photoshop.

Our Top 5

Coming to you at number 5 is: Is a simply program called Gimp – General Image Manipulation Program
It covers both platforms, and uses Photoshop like capabilities with a very simply design layout.

Coming to you at number 4 is: Paint.NET
Can only run on Windows, but it’s a great program with great tools, its uses a basic design layout similar again to Photoshop and its good for beginners.

Coming in at number 3 is: a neat little program called Tackk
It’s a social photo editor to share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter. It allows you to create a single webpage for free and doesn’t expire. Not a lot of design features but its simple, easy to use and looks great!

At number 2: We have Sumo Paint
It is an online program, offering you great features, a lot like Photoshop but uses a simple design interface which you can create some really nice images.

At Finally at number 1: the all deserved Pixlr
It is an online program, giving you a lot more control as to others listed. I just clicked on the website, and boom I’m creating content in seconds. Using again a similar interface as Photoshop and it is real easy to use. Pixlr also has a range of other free picture editing software. They have created a program that uses the same features as instagram. And a picture-editing app that you can use on your smart phone, which again has some really neat features compared to other smart phone apps.

We would like to hear your views on the latest Adobe news? And if you have used our top 5 alternative programs and how do they compare to Adobe’s Photoshop?

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4 Responses to 5 Best FREE Alternatives To Photoshop video tutorial

  1. Alan Burbury says:

    I think Pixir is a very good program but I still go back to using Photoshop.

  2. Michael Rattray says:

    I’m planning to buy Photoshop soon

  3. Natalie says:

    While some alternatives are good, I still find Photoshop to be the best

  4. Emma K says:

    Very interesting post, my other half has been teaching me to use photoshop but I didn’t get the hang of it then he showed me Gimp and I can use that no problem :)


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