Swing Tags With A Quirky Twist

Spoilt Rotten Gifts needed printed swing tags to reflect the online store’s range of kitsch and quirky gifts. Solopress delivered them within days!

Spoilt Rotten Gifts logoSpoilt Rotten Gifts is the brilliant name for a new online shop selling kitsch and quirky gifts. The brainchild of Nichola Watson, a textiles designer and buyer, this online UK boutique sells everything from baby romper suits to Wonder Woman coffee mugs.

Coming from a beautiful Yorkshire village, Nichola had to do all of her shopping in Kingston Upon Hull, famous for its fish trail and the House Martins and definitely NOT its boutiques! That is where Spoilt Rotten Gifts came in.

With a background in buying at John Lewis and an eye for the unique and unusual, Nichola sources an ever expanding range of online gifts with a retro twist. From Norwegian lunch boxes and Californian cartoon jewellery pendants to a popular range of accessories from Disaster Designs, all are sold in the eye-catching wibbly wobbly world of Spoilt Rotten Gifts.

Cushion Swing Tags in use

Cushion Swing Tags

This autumn, Spoilt Rotten Gifts launched their own range of retro inspired cushions, which is where Solopress came in. Handmade in the UK with love, these cushions put the adorable fabric of designer Michael Miller to great use.

Before being sold, these cushions required swing tags, a type of label, to reflect the quirky branding of Spoilt Rotten Gifts. But more than that, the swing tags also needed to emphasise the ethics of buying a British handmade product. Oh, and these labels all had to be printed within a week!

Of course, Solopress delivered. Nichola received our affordable, high quality swing tags within days – much to the delight of her team and customers at Spoilt Rotten Gifts.

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk Swing Tags for Spoilt Rotten Gifts

Swing tags printed for Spoilt Rotten Gifts

Spoilt Rotten Gifts owner Nichola Watson

“Big thanks! The Swing Tags look really professional, just what I needed and I will be coming back!”
Nichola Watson, owner of Spoilt Rotten Gifts

Free Sample Pack

Solopress print a range of business cards, flyers, leaflets, posters, roller banners, stickers, swing tags and lots more. Our free sample pack is available to order now using this online form or by calling us on 01702 460047.

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2 Responses to Swing Tags With A Quirky Twist

  1. Linda Mcgrath says:

    This looks like a great place to shop for that special gift in the run up to Christmas.

  2. Laura Vitty says:

    These look great! A really nice way of making a small industry product look even better :D

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