Genesis Of Cookies Illustrated Poster Gets Kickstarter Funding

SweeTooth Design’s $15 Genesis of Cookies poster illustrates the origins of today’s most famous cookies… As you munch down on a Gingerbread Man or feast on a Ladyfinger, have you ever wondered who originally invented your favourite cookie or biscuit? … Continue reading

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Wall’s Ice Cream & Lollies – 5 Yummy Vintage Posters

Kids growing up in the 1960s and 1970s were lucky to get a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavours for their ice cream or lolly, let alone a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Blondie Brownie or a stick of … Continue reading

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miniBIGS: Pop Culture Custom Lego Mini-figures!

MiniBiGS make big fun with little pieces! Innovative US based custom Lego Minifig sellers are taking the world by storm with these little pad-printed wonders.      How MiniBiGs Started Al and Shannon Hernadi make up team MiniBiGs, which started 5 years ago … Continue reading

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Adobe 3D Printing Tool Has Ad Appeal

Adobe Photoshop 3D Printing Tool advertised with ‘Charlie & the 3D Egg’.   Charlie & the 3D Egg Ad – In An Eggshell The video shows a cute chick in a quaint environment waking to find freshly laid eggs in … Continue reading

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#Dinnercam – The Portable Photo Studio For Social Media Foodies

Jealous of those professional snaps of restaurant food and drink that you see in adverts and magazines? Thanks to the new #dinnercam portable photo studio, your own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds could look equally scrumptious! We kid you not, … Continue reading

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Think In Colour Book Cover Changes Colour When You Touch It

Belgian graphic designer Hugo Puttaert, founder of the design studio Visionandfactory in Brussels, urges all of us to Think in Colour in his latest book… A visual trip into the influential graphic design work of Hugo Puttaert that urges us … Continue reading

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Election Leaflets: 7 Best Design Examples

It’s election time again! But which election leaflets from recent times get our vote for being the best designed? Politics spark heated debates at the drop of a hat, so before we start our latest graphic design showcase, it’s probably … Continue reading

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Graphic Design: Superheroes Reimagined!

Superheroes Reimagined – from Guitar Superheroes, to Supermanatees and Mr. Hulking, we’ve gathered the craziest alternate superhero creations from around the interwebs, just for you!    Let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments!   Mr.Men Superheroes … Continue reading

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Students Accuse of Breaking Their Rights accused of breaking students’ rights and accessing their essays.    What is is a website used by teachers and students to check for plagiarism.   What’s wrong with it? 1. Some students claim that Turnitin broke copyright … Continue reading

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Funny Friday: Sleepy Hollowpoint

Welcome to the United States of Ammunition! Image Source: imgur Our Funny Friday blog is packed with spelling mistakes, typos and other fun stuff from around the world…

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